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Ez beach towel

Ez beach towel

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If you're like us and don't like waiting for your towels to dry, LOOK NO FURTHER. 

What Makes Choops Beach towels so great you ask?

*Oversized- So anyone can use. 71x36IN

*Quick dry- Dries 4x faster than cotton so no more mildew smelling towels and cranky cold kids

*Compact- Perfect to throw in the back of your car or pack in your luggage

*Absorbent- These will actually dry you (crazy concept, we know) 

*Made from 100% polyester and its some of the softest sh*t You'll ever feel 



Boards run very true to size! Size up if you need more room as the waistband is adjustable.

Sizing/length of the BOARDIES-

2T: 21 CM

3/4: 23 CM

5/6: 28 CM

7/8: 30 CM

9/10: 33 CM

Hoodie Sizing

All Hoodies Run Very True To Size so we suggest sizing up one size

Boxer Sizing


Waistband- 16in Around

Leg Length- 7 3/8in


Waistband- 17in Around

Leg Length- 8 1/8in


Waistband- 18in Around

Leg Length- 8 7/8in

Boys S- (8/9 Year)

Waistband- 20in Around

Boys Medium- (10/12 year)

Waistband- 22in Around

Boys Large- (12/14)

Men's Sizing Chart available in Pictures

** Up to a 1.5cm variation can happen with sizing

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